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Stop stress and pain

From Victim to Victor and stopping the Stress-Pain Cycle

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Have you been told your pain is ‘all in your head’? The implication is you’re not really in pain – you’re just imagining it! At our clinic we KNOW you really are in pain, and we successfully treat people every day that have been told this by their family, friends and doctors. However you may…

Online Bookings are revolutionising our clinic!

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We’ve just introduced online bookings and the response has been fantastic!  Now you can book, reschedule and cancel your appointments online. The way it works is simple. First, book your appointment by using the ONLINE BOOKING link under the New Clients or Contact menu. Most appointments at Natural Pain Solutions can be booked online. If…

How you can support natural medicine at the 2016 Senate election

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Dear Clients, Natural Pain Solutions normally doesn’t take a political stance, however in this election we are.  This is because there is a particular party, the Health Australia Party (HAP), that wants to represent the interests of natural medicine (among other things) in the Senate. Or, to be specific, the HAP supports integrative medicine, where…