True Health Comprehensive Program: Online Bookings

Welcome!  Please follow each step below as you work through your program.  Booking buttons are to the right.

Please note: these instructions are for our standard 6 month program which includes complete testing, consultations and acupuncture treatments.  If you are doing a non-standard version of the program, please adapt the instructions according to your customised appointment schedule.  We are available on 9876 8786 if you need assistance.

Get started with these 3 easy steps:

You’ve committed to 6 months of intensive focus on dramatically improving your health, starting with a series of comprehensive tests and scans.  Bravo!  Here’s what to do and know to get started:

1. Start Following the Recommended Diet

Scott will advise you on the diet he recommends for you.  For many clients he recommends the Bulletproof Diet as an easy to follow, low-carb diet high in essential fatty acids.  If he has recommended this for you, please click here to download.  Please note this is a free, more succinct pdf version of the complete Bulletproof Diet book and Bulletproof: The Cookbook, which can both be purchased online from The Book Depository.

2. Receive Your Appointment Package

You will be issued with a True Health Comprehensive Program appointments package with a certificate code once full payment has been received (either the whole amount if you are paying upfront, or else your first instalment if paying by instalments).  All the appointments on your program are included in this package, apart from any extras that Scott may feel will be beneficial for you along the way, which will be booked separately at no extra charge if needed.

Once you have been issued with your appointment package, be sure to use your ‘certificate code’ when you book online so that our staff know your appointment is under a prepaid program.

If you don’t have your certificate code yet, you can still book your first 8 acupunctures now, and our staff will allocate them to a package once issued.

3. Book Your Appointments Online

If you haven’t booked online before, it’s easy!  It also enables you to manage your appointments yourself – you’ll have a complete list of all your appointments and be able to reschedule as you need to.

PLEASE make sure you always book well ahead, as sometimes Scott can be booked out for 2-3 weeks in advance.  You can reschedule an appointment up to 24 hours beforehand, so if you book the wrong day or time, you can always change it later.

  1. If you haven’t already registered for an account for online bookings, you’ll will by now have been issued with a username and password (see your Welcome email).
  2. Follow Steps 2 – 5 on this page.  All the Booking Buttons you need for your program are to the right and follow the steps in order.
  3. Remember to always LOG IN and also APPLY YOUR CERTIFICATE CODE when you book online (your certificate code will come up automatically if you are logged in, so you don’t need to keep a record of it).

We are here to help, so please reach out any time you need to!

Book Your Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture treatments on the program have two stages:
1) An initial intensive 4 week period, where you have treatments twice-weekly for 8 treatments,
2) Weekly treatments for the rest of the program (22 treatments).

For the first stage, if your schedule doesn’t allow two treatments per week, please simply come as often as you can (at least three times within a fortnight – please inform our staff if you can’t manage this).

Combining treatments and consultations:  If you want to have an acupuncture treatment on the same day as a consultation, make sure you always book your consultation FIRST, followed by the acupuncture treatment.  We recommend booking well ahead if you want to do this, as if the calendar is tight you may find that you book your consultation and then can’t fit your acupuncture directly afterwards.  If this is the case, it will probably be more efficient for you to call or email us to find an appropriate time to fit both appointments together.

Extra acupuncture treatments:  Once you are having weekly acupuncture treatments, if at any point Scott feels you would benefit from a more intensive acupuncture schedule for a short period, we’ll issue you with an Additional Acupuncture Series at no extra cost.  This will enable you to book an extra acupuncture treatment per week (in other words, you’ll return to a twice-weekly schedule during this period).

Unused treatments:  Please be aware that any unused acupuncture treatments at the end of your program will be forfeited, as this is an all-inclusive, strictly 6 month program, so be sure to use every single one!  Once your program expires, so do any remaining acupuncture treatments.  The good news is you are free to make up any missed appointments within the 6 month period, and suspension options are available if you are away for a period of time (please let Scott know in case he has any special instructions for while you are away, and talk to one of our Clinical Assistants to arrange the suspension).

Booking Requirement for Step 2:

  • 2 acupuncture treatments per week for the next 4 weeks (8 treatments in total), starting immediately after your Wellness Discussion
  • 1 acupuncture treatment per week for the following 22 weeks (continue to book appointments until all available acupuncture treatments on your appointment package have been used). 

Please take advantage of the ‘recurring’ or ‘add a time’ feature on the calendar, as allows you to book a number of acupuncture treatments during a single booking (make sure you are logged in first and apply your certificate code!)

Book Your Tests Appointments and Complete Your Home Test Kits

Over the coming weeks there are several tests and scans that need to be completed before your Report of Findings appointment (the Report of Findings is where Scott will explain your test results and create your treatment plan for the rest of the program).  Some of the tests and scans are done at test appointments and others are done via home test kits.  Along the way you will continue to have regular acupuncture treatments.

Test Appointments

There are booking buttons on the right for the following testing appointments.  Please remember to redeem your package code when you book online!

  1. Full Blood Tests:  this requires a 9 hour food fast (please do drink plenty of water but no other fluids) prior to your appointment, so it’s a good idea to book the earliest time you can so that you can do most of your fasting overnight.  Do not book any other test or scan appointment immediately after your Full Blood Tests appointment (acupuncture is okay, but don’t forget to bring a snack!)
  2. Microscopic Blood Evaluation (MBE):  this needs to be on a different day to the Full Blood Tests.  It is important for this test that you DON’T fast beforehand, as we want to see how your blood is reacting to food.
  3. MSAS Food Sensitivity & Biomeridian Scans:  if booking on the same day as the Microscopic Blood Evaluation (MBE), please book BEFORE the MBE.
  4. Scan BFIS Initial: this is done by our Clinical Assistant so will usually be on a separate day to  your other appointments.

Home Test Kits

IN-HOUSE TEST KIT:  You will receive one kit at the front desk at the clinic (Full Urine & Saliva Test Kit).  This should be returned directly to the clinic as per the enclosed instructions.

EXTERNAL LAB TEST KITS:  If you are also having tests via Nutripath, our external lab, you will receive these in the mail in a few days.  It is important that the Nutripath tests are returned within 1 week of receiving them, as the Nutripath tests can take up to 3 weeks for results to be returned and we want to have them back in time for your Report of Findings.

Important:  once you have mailed your samples back to Nutripath, please book your Report of Findings for 3 weeks away (Step 4).

Nutripath process:  Nutripath is an external testing lab, and we will order the test kit(s) on your behalf.  The Nutripath test kit(s) will be mailed to you and will include an express post envelope in which to return your samples to Nutripath.  Payment is made by you directly to Nutripath (payment instructions will be enclosed).  The results are returned directly to the clinic, and you will receive a copy at your Report of Findings.  Please note:  if you are returning more than one kits to Nutripath, please return them at the same time so you are only charged one $20 postage/processing fee instead of multiple fees.


Booking Requirement for Step 3:  Test and Scan Appointments as described above and listed on the right-hand side.

Other Requirements for Step 3:  Return 2 – 3 test kits as described above.

Book Your Report of Findings

At your Report of Findings, Scott will go through your test results and explain their significance, how they inter-relate and what the results mean for your health.

Your prescribed medicines and acupuncture treatments will change and become more targeted as a result.

Well done for the big effort you’ve made to complete all your testing and maintain an intensive acupuncture schedule.  Now you can relax … the rest of your program is smooth sailing!

Booking Requirement for Step 4:  Book your Report of Findings to occur 3 weeks after you send back the Nutripath test kits.


Book Your Ongoing Consultations

After your Report of Findings, along with your acupuncture treatments, you’ll have face-to-face time with Scott every 3 weeks, following an alternating pattern of TH (True Health) Check-up, followed by TH Comprehensive Consultation and Scan, followed by TH Check-Up and so on, for the rest of your program.

The first appointment after your Report of Findings should be a TH Check-Up, booked for three weeks after your ROF.

Please use your consultation time to ask questions, rather than during acupuncture treatments, where quiet relaxation is ideal.

If you have any questions in-between consultations, feel free to email or call the clinic.  One of our Clinical Assistants can ask Scott your question when he’s free, and get back to you with his answer.  Or, if it’s a private or complicated matter and you desperately want to speak with him in person, we will do our very best to fit you in or schedule a phone call!

Booking Requirement for Step 4:

  • Book TH Check-Up for 3 weeks after the Report of Findings
  • Book TH Comprehensive Consultation and Scan for 3 weeks after the first TH Check-Up
  • Book another TH Check-Up 3 weeks after your first TH Comprehensive Consultation and Scan
  • Continue this pattern until all available appointments on your appointment package are used (your certificate code will no longer be valid)

Optional – Stay Healthy For Life Maintenance Program

After you’ve finished your True Health program, we’ll offer you the option of ongoing support to help you maintain your new, healthy habits.  You can continue to consult with Scott on a regular, less-intensive basis with our maintenance program called ‘Stay Healthy For Life’. We make this program great value in recognition of your ongoing relationship with our clinic.

This is a month-by-month program so doesn’t require a long-term commitment.

One of the great advantages is that you can continue to top up and use your Medicine Bank, giving you an ongoing 10% discount on all your medicines!

A complimentary appointment will be booked with you at the end of your program so Scott can explain the program in more detail, and see if this is something that you would find helpful in your ongoing health journey.


Please note our full fee 24 hour Cancellation Policy still applies to our program clients, as cancellations at short notice or no-shows disadvantage other clients – who are often in pain – who are on a waiting list to see Scott. We ask therefore that you respect Scott’s time, as well as your fellow clients, by making a personal commitment to attend all the appointments that you make.

For these reasons, if you need to change or cancel an appointment, we request that you give at least 24 hours’ notice. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given, the full value of the time slot will be charged. Exceptions are of course made in the case of genuine emergencies.

Thank you for your understanding.



(Click a booking button, then log in and apply your certificate code)



Please call us on 9876 8786 if you need assistance booking your appointments.