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Update – Step 1 of the Victorian Roadmap

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‘LEVEL OF NEED’ SCREENING: Only clients who are in pain or risk deterioration of their health condition are able to have a face-to-face appointment at the clinic right now. We also offer phone/Zoom consultations as an alternative, and medicines can be posted. NATUROPATHY UPDATE: We are continuing to book clients for Chinese Medicine consultations until…
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Update: rest assured that Natural Pain Solutions will always be open unless required to close!

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(If that happens, we’ll contact all clients with existing appointments individually, and we’ll also send a group email to our database). Important to know! Cleaning:Our lockdown cleaning regime is still in full gear, and includes anti-viral essential oils, hospital-grade, virus-zapping air purifiers and regular cleaning of all surfaces, particularly the counter, door handles and EFTPOS…
Woman washing hair in shower to illustrate hot-cold shower

Immune Tip # 1: Hot and Cold Showers

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A hot-cold shower a day to keep the doctor away? To help support your health and wellbeing during COVID-19, we’ll be sharing some simple lifestyle tips to incorporate into your weekly routine and help you strengthen your immune system naturally. Aside from taking supplements focused on immunity (check out our Immune Resilience pack), there are…
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Update: Natural Pain Solutions to remain OPEN under the new government lockdown measures announced Sunday 22nd March 2020

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As an allied health service, Natural Pain Solutions will remain open during the newly-announced closure of non-essential services across Victoria and NSW.   While the full scope of the definition of essential and non-essential services will be determined over the next 48 hours, at time of writing, essential activities includes healthcare appointments (this has not been…
COVID-19 virus under a microscope

Coronavirus: Has the fear got you yet?

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(Click here to read about the clinic cleaning procedures and Acupuncture Centre policies we have put in place to minimise infection risk.) Toilet paper. Oh, toilet paper. If only we could wrap up our Coronavirus (COVID-19) fear with humble toilet paper and flush it down the loo. But the shelves are empty, we’re rationing sheets…
Stop stress and pain

From Victim to Victor and stopping the Stress-Pain Cycle

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Have you been told your pain is ‘all in your head’? The implication is you’re not really in pain – you’re just imagining it! At our clinic we KNOW you really are in pain, and we successfully treat people every day that have been told this by their family, friends and doctors. However you may…

The Amazon of Healthy Products!

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   Hi Everyone! OMG! (Am I allowed to say that or is it completely uncool nowadays?)  Check out this clip of Therese Kerr on the Morning Show, talking about our healthy shopping platform!  I saw Therese speak at a conference last year and she is an absolute ingredient geek – SO knowledgeable about the…

Online Bookings are revolutionising our clinic!

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We’ve just introduced online bookings and the response has been fantastic!  Now you can book, reschedule and cancel your appointments online. The way it works is simple. First, book your appointment by using the ONLINE BOOKING link under the New Clients or Contact menu. Most appointments at Natural Pain Solutions can be booked online. If…