“Circuit Breaker” 13th – 17th Feb: Closed for in-person appointments but open for ‘carpark collections’ for medicines.

The 5 day snap lockdown measures include closure of all in-person Allied Health services, apart from those who work in hospitals. 

Scott can, of course, see clients for online consultations, however given that this current situation is meant to be short-lived, he recommends only having an online consult if you are sailing along well and only need a check-in (if this applies to you, please call to change your appointment).  Otherwise, if you have an appointment booked during this period, please reschedule your appointment to on or after Thursday, 18th February.

Rescheduling is easy:
just find your email reminder or confirmation for the appointment and click on the blue Change/Cancel Appointment button.  You will be taken to an online calendar where you can choose a different day and time.  Of course, we are also available to reschedule you over the phone for those who prefer this method.

We will still be open for clients who need to collect medicines, however we are temporarily back to the carpark pickup method.  Be assured that collection of medicines is a valid reason to leave your home and travel further than 5km.  If you are unsure or feel nervous about the boys in blue, we are happy to provide a letter verifying that you are travelling to the clinic to collect medicines essential for your health. Please note: all medicine collections must be pre-arranged to ensure you arrive when the clinic is attended.

Some wonderful news … we have promoted Anneliese Fitzgerald, our Senior Clinical Assistant, to Practice Manager!  Anneliese has thoroughly earned this role and we have enormous confidence in her ability to do an excellent job.  She has long been Fiona’s ‘right hand’ and this is a natural progression.  Her appointment means that Fiona (who is now officially Clinic Director) can focus more on behind-the-scenes business matters and developing the online aspect of our clinic – a welcome relief.

And more wonderful news… many of you will remember the lovely Daniella, who left to start a family in late 2019.  Dan has now returned to the fray for one day a week as a Clinical Assistant, and she’ll also soon be available to assist clients with diet planning and other matters as a Certified Natural Health Consultant – a qualification she finished during bubba naps!  Welcome back Dan!

Enjoy the downtime over the next 5 days and fingers crossed our Premier will keep his hair on, his North Face lockdown jacket off and his finger well away the big red lockdown button. 

What an incredible time to be alive.  Maybe it’s time to start visioning how we want the world to be! 

All the best,

Scott and Fiona Hankinson

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