COVID-19 impacts people with vulnerable immune systems. Make sure yours isn’t.

Are you worried about how you’ll cope if you’re exposed to COVID-19?

We’re here to help you make your immune system as strong as possible.

The facts speak for themselves: once you’re over 50, your risk-factor of contracting COVID-19 starts to go up dramatically.  If you’re suffering from a pre-existing health condition, it’s the same story.  Younger people too are not immune to ending up in a critical condition.  You can see some stats here to help get an idea of your own risk.

In the media there is much talk of how there’s no cure or vaccine for COVID-19.  This is true.  However, the very fact that it attacks people with weakened immune systems is a huge clue to what you can do to prevent getting it – or if you do get it, to keep the effect on your body mild, rather than ending up critically ill.

The fact that the media and medical focus is all about finding a cure or vaccine speaks volumes about our cultural attitudes towards health.  What if the media and medical focus was instead on how to make yourself strong and resilient?  If you’re going to send soldiers into battle, do you send them in as is and then hope the medical teams will fix them up later, or do you make them strong and powerful to start with?  The same goes for your own body in facing viral challenges.  Make yourself strong and you’re less likely to fall.

There’s also a lot of talk in the media about how many natural health businesses will take advantage of people’s fear and promote immune boosting products which have no scientific basis.  Sadly, this means many people will dismiss natural therapies during this time, because it’s a crisis situation and therefore the prevailing attitude is that the medical profession must deal with it.

Well, let me just clear up a few things:

Of course it is possible to support your immune system using natural medicine.  Anybody who says otherwise simply hasn’t read the research.  Do a search on PubMed for some of the major  immune boosting herbs like echinacea, olive leaf, astragalus and any of the immune modulating mushrooms, and you’ll be overwhelmed with data.

Of course there will be businesses that capitalise on people’s fear and sell the public anything under the sun that’s vaguely immune-related.  This doesn’t mean there is no value in the products, however the quality should be carefully assessed, and more importantly, you need to know whether the medicine is safe for you to take and how much is needed.  One size does not fit all.  There are also different natural medicines that work for different purposes – one might modulate T cell production, while another will help clear mucus from the lungs, while still another will help with nasal congestion, and another will help repair cell damage.

The way to escape the uncertainty and be sure about what you’re taking is to consult with a health professional who can give you sound advice – specifically for you – about how to make your immune system as strong and resilient as possible.

The other advantage of seeing a natural therapist is that you’ll get access to the very best natural medicines available.  The natural medicines we use are the highest quality and the formulations are the most well-researched and intelligent. They have to be, because they have to satisfy us as practitioners, so we know we’re giving our clients the very best medicines available.

My job – my area of expertise – is to help you create the healthiest body you can. We need our medical professionals to help the small percentage of people who are critically ill and to identify those who have COVID-19.  But on a larger scale, we NEED natural therapists, who are experts in the field of bringing about excellent health.  Excellent health is the key to preventing being affected by COVID-19.  Lack of good health is the primary weakness we need to address, not lack of a cure or vaccine.

If you’d like a thorough assessment of your own health and the best, practitioner-only natural medicines to maximise your immune system during this time, please book in for an Initial Naturopathic consultation, either standard or comprehensive.  If you’re self-isolating at home, you can instead book for a Skype/phone consultation, and we can post your medicines to you.

Please be assured we are following the very strictest hygiene practices at the clinic, with all touchable surfaces being wiped regularly and with hospital-grade, virus-zapping True HEPA air purifiers running all day. So, your journey between home to the clinic and back again is a closed, clean loop.

All the very best to you during this unprecedented time.

Scott Hankinson
Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor since 1994
Naturopath since 1994

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Older couple hugging demonstrating good health

Of course it is possible to boost your immune system using natural medicine.  Anybody who says otherwise simply hasn’t read the research.

Scott Hankinson

TCM Practitioner and Naturopath


Scott Hankinson
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