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In 2023 we had a tree-change and opened an Atherton Tablelands naturopathic clinic in Far North Queensland.  This is our second clinic, with our first being in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  Our practitioner, Scott Hankinson, travels between our clinics, servicing clients at both ends of Australia.

Our clinic is located behind Top of the Tablelands Real Estate on the main road in Ravenshoe, at the southern end of the Tablelands. Come and visit us and step into peace and relaxation, away from the bustle of Grigg street.

Conditions We Treat

Our goal is always to find and treat the root cause of illness, and to help our clients create optimal wellness.  Scott, our naturopath, has almost 30 years experience, having been in practice since 1995.

Scott has seen clients with a wide range of conditions, ranging from nervous system disorders through to gut health, circulatory problems, back pain, neck, shoulder & joint pain, headaches and migraines, insomnia, anxiety and stress, food sensitivities, hayfever, chronic fatigue and a whole lot more.

Scott has a particular focus on gut health. In Melbourne, he developed an excellent reputation for helping clients with chronic conditions such as diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease – in fact, around 60% of all clientele come to see him for gut issues, both mild and severe.

Our Naturopath Tablelands Services

Focusing on naturopathic consultations and Neuro Needling treatments, we also use clinical testing when needed.  In particular, we have electrodermal scanning equipment at our Ravenshoe clinic, This includes a Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) system and a Bioimaging Frequency Imaging system. You can read more about electrodermal or bioresonance scanning here.  A scan on the MSA is included in your Initial Comprehensive Consultation.

We can also assess the health of your blood cells live under a dark-field microscope when you book in for a Microscopic Blood Evaluation. This can be included with your initial consultation as an add-on.

Neuro Needling is Scott’s unique form of needling, developed through his studies in shiatsu, reflexology and Reiki.¬† Scott is a qualified Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and Acupuncturist and has practiced as such for most of his career, however is not currently registered in these areas as he is focusing on developing Neuro Needling as a modality.¬† You can read more about Neuro Needling here.

Below is an appointment guide for our Tablelands clients with links to book online.

We look forward to helping you create excellent health!

Naturopath Tablelands, Ravenshoe FNQ Cairns Hinterland

Contact our Tablelands natural medicine clinic:
Call 07 4249 3477 or send us a message.

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Tablelands Appointment Guide: make your first naturopathic or Neuro Needling appointment.

To help us guide you, please choose the main reason you are seeking help:

We’re so pleased you’re considering coming to see us

The type of first appointment you have will depend on whether you need immediate pain relief or whether you’d like to delve straight away into finding out what’s going on in your body.

Please note that you can make¬†your first appointment immediately by¬†booking online. ¬†If you have questions or would prefer to book in over the phone, please call us on 07 4249 3477 or use our contact form and we’ll call you.

Do you want immediate pain relief?

For immediate pain relief, we usually recommend an Initial Neuro Needling Treatment and Assessment.  This a one-off introductory appointment so that our practitioner, Scott Hankinson, has time to accurately understand your condition before he begins your treatment.

Since he is also a naturopath, Scott will give you some basic naturopathic advice during your assessment and may recommend some nutritional or herbal medicines to speed up your body’s healing process.¬†To book your first Neuro Needling treatment online, please click here.

If needles are not your cup of tea, it may help you to know that many people who are afraid of needles find their worries are unfounded once they have a treatment. ¬†The needles used are extremely fine – thinner than a human hair – and many people don’t even feel them go in. ¬†Occasionally you may feel a slight twinge which may be momentarily a little painful, but it is very different to ‘being stuck’ with a hypodermic needle or pin.

We also offer an excellent pain relief technique called Biomesotherapy.  Biomesotherapy is used by many top sports teams in Europe and is used extensively in Germany by medical doctors.  It involves the injection of saline solution into specific points in combination with homeopathic remedies.  In rare instances where acupuncture does not relieve pain, Biomesotherapy can often be of assistance.  To book your first Biomesotherapy treatment online, click here. 

The Full Shebang?

You can of course come for an Neuro Needling or Biomesotherapy Treatment combined with a full Initial Comprehensive Consultation (instead of a basic Assessment) if you would like to.

Click here to book an Initial Neuro Needling plus Comprehensive Consultation.
Click here to book an Initial Biomesotherapy plus Comprehensive Consultation.

Do you want to find out what’s occurring inside your body and how to correct it?

If this applies to you we recommend coming for a either a Comprehensive or Standard Initial Consultation.

Both consultations have in-depth time with our naturopath, where he assesses your health history and discusses your situation with you.

However, we always recommend the Comprehensive consultation (1 hour and 10 mins) as this also includes non-invasive clinical testing, giving our practitioner a much deeper insight into your particular health situation.

This longer appointment can assist our practitioner with identifying the body systems that are dysfunctional and are a priority for treatment, and assesses whether factors such as bacteria, chemical disturbances, heavy metals, fungi, hormonal imbalances and parasites may be impacting your health.  To book an Initial COMPREHENSIVE Consultation, click here.

Our Standard Consultation is 40 minutes and does not include the testing.  To book an Initial Standard Consultation, click here.

Microscopic Blood Evaluation (“Live Blood Analysis”)

We also have an option to include a Microscopic Blood Evaluation with an initial comprehensive consultation, if you would like to see your blood live under a microscope and gain insights into the health of your blood cells and what it means for your overall health.  To choose this option, please book for an Initial Comprehensive Consultation with Microscopic Blood Evaluation add-on.

Naturopath Tablelands: Practicalities

Health Fund Claiming

Private Health Fund claiming is not available at this point in time.

Naturopath Tablelands Parking:

There are usually plenty of parking spots available directly outside the clinic on Grigg St, except during tourist season when you may have to hunt a little bit.

Payment Methods:

We accept Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS and cash.

Natural Medicines:

Please note that natural medicines are an additional cost to your consultation or treatment.  They are prescribed on an individual basis so we cannot advise of the cost prior to your appointment.  If you are on a budget please inform the practitioner, as he will then make sure he prescribes only what he considers to be the core products necessary to improve your health.

Access for People With a Disability

Our centre is on the ground floor with parking directly outside.  While there is no specific disabled parking, there are normally plenty of spots available.

Please let us know beforehand if you are in a wheelchair, so that we can arrange ramp access up the short steps into the consulting room.

Please note that while our toilet is on the ground floor, it is not wheelchair accessible.

When You Arrive:

Relax and enjoy our peaceful Naturopath Tablelands centre! You’ll get more from your appointment if you’re feeling relaxed, so if you’ve been rushing around take some deep breaths and use any waiting time to rest. Feel free to help yourself to some clean, filtered water, a cup of tea or a magnesium drink.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you to find excellent health!

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