Important information for all needling appointments.

If you haven’t tried Acupuncture or Neuro Needling before, rest assured that we are here to help make your experience comfortable and easy. Please note the following:

What to Wear:  Please wear clothing that allows the practitioner to easily access your knees and lower legs, your elbows and lower arms, your neck and your abdomen. From the waist up, please wear short-sleeved tops or tops with sleeves that can be comfortably rolled above the elbows. From the waist down, please wear loose trousers that can be comfortably rolled above the knees, shorts or a skirt. No dresses or turtlenecks please, in case the practitioner needs to treat the abdominal or neck regions (most needles are placed in the lower arms and legs, but sometimes the practitioner will directly treat the abdominal and/or neck and head regions).

NOTE: Needling time is quiet time – please save your questions for consultation time as the practitioner needs to focus on correct placement of needles.

Mobile Phones, FIT watches etc:  Please leave your mobile phone, FIT watches and other devices either in your car or in a locker in our reception area. Mobile phone frequencies interfere with sensitive equipment in our consulting room and with Neuro Needling treatments, which use bioelectricial/nerve/meridian pathways throughout the body. Please return the key to reception for sanitising after you have retrieved your belongings.

Are you pregnant or suspect you may be? It is very important you inform your practitioner, as certain Neuro Needling points are contra-indicated when pregnant.

Coughing:  be aware that at times clients may cough during their treatment if they have allergies, or if the needles are stimulating their respiratory system. Please do not be concerned (though feel free to check in with us using your emergency buzzer if you are worried – it’s important you feel relaxed!)

COVID-19 EXTRA PRECAUTIONS: please note all Neuro Needling tables and other touch surfaces within each alcove are disinfected between each client. Anti-viral essential oils are diffused during the day and virus-zapping air purifiers are used each night. Additionally, our Neuro Needling beds have at least 1.5 metres between them plus partition screens.

We look forward to meeting you in person at your appointment.

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