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About our Practitioner

Our practitioner, Scott Hankinson, has been a Naturopath since 1994 and is also trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, so you get the benefit of two different therapeutic perspectives rolled into one as well as the benefit of his many years of clinical experience.  Both Naturopathy and Acupuncture (Scott’s version is called Neuro Needling) are covered in the info below, so please scroll to the section you want.

Scott gets consistently great results with his clients – please see links in the sidebar to the many positive Google and WOMO (Word of Mouth Online) reviews.


When you first come to our clinic you can choose to have either a Comprehensive or a Standard Naturopathic consultation. Both consultations have in-depth time with our practitioner, where he assesses your health history, discusses your situation and uses Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic techniques.  However, we always recommend the Comprehensive consultation as this includes non-invasive clinical testing that gives Scott a much deeper insight into your particular health situation.  This longer appointment assists our naturopath in assessing whether factors such as bacteria, chemical disturbances, heavy metals, fungi, hormonal imbalances and parasites may be impacting your health.  Click here to see current pricing and book a Comprehensive initial consultation.

Our Standard Naturopathic Consultation is similar terms of discussing your health situation and needs, and using Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis techniques, however it does not include the scan.  Click here to see current pricing and book a Standard initial consultation.

Please note that Scott will also prescribe natural medicines at your first visit, which normally cost between $100 and $200 depending on your health situation.  If you are on a budget be sure to let him know as he will then prescribe only the core, most absolutely essential products.

Neuro Needling (previously acupuncture)

Read all about Neuro Needling here.

For immediate pain relief, we recommend an Initial Neuro Needling Treatment and Assessment.  This is a one-off introductory appointment so that our practitioner has time to accurately understand your condition before he begins your treatment.  Since he is also a naturopath, Scott will give you some basic naturopathic advice during your assessment and may recommend some nutritional or herbal medicines to speed up your body’s healing process.  Click here to see current pricing and book online for an Initial Neuro Needling with Assessment.   The price for subsequent appointments can be found here.

If acupuncture needles (used in Neuro Needling) are not your cup of tea, rest assured that many people who are afraid of acupuncture needles find their worries are unfounded once they have a treatment.  Acupuncture needles are extremely fine – thinner than human hair – and many people don’t even feel them go in.  Occasionally you may feel a slight twinge which may be momentarily a little painful, but it is very different to ‘being stuck’ with a hypodermic needle or pin.

The Whole Shebang?

You can, of course, have an Initial Neuro Needling Treatment and Comprehensive Naturopathic Consultation at the same time.  Click here to see current pricing and to make a booking!

Other Treatment Modalities

Scott is also trained and experienced in other disciplines such as biomesotherapy (natural pain relief using saline injections), spinal/joint alignment and mind/body techniques.  To find out more, please go to our main site at

We are sure you will benefit greatly from coming to Natural Pain Solutions and we look forward to meeting you soon.  If you have any questions, please call us on 9876 8786 or contact us here.