Online Bookings are revolutionising our clinic!

We’ve just introduced online bookings and the response has been fantastic!  Now you can book, reschedule and cancel your appointments online. The way it works is simple. First, book your appointment by using the ONLINE BOOKING link under the New Clients or Contact menu. Most appointments at Natural Pain Solutions can be booked online. If you’re on a program, you have your own page (the link is at the top of the online booking page). To book your appointment, simply select your chosen appointment from the drop-down list and follow the prompts. To make future bookings easy, make an online account when you get to the end of the booking process.  Next time you log in, you’ll be able to see a list all your appointments to easily manage them, and your name, phone number and email will automatically populate, making it nice and quick. New clients can visit ‘What to Expect at Your First Appointment‘ to help them decide which appointment to choose – or of course they can still book in the old fashioned way and give us a call on 9876 8786, and we’ll happily answer any questions! Once you book in, you’ll receive an email Booking Confirmation with further details.  Your Booking Confirmation contains a link you can use to reschedule if you need to, and you can also save the appointment to your Google or Outlook calendar. We believe the introduction of Online Bookings will make your experience at Natural Pain Solutions much smoother, especially for those occasions when we are so busy at the clinic that we are unable to answer the phone immediately.   Hopefully we can put down our phone ping-pong bats for good! We’d love any feedback you have about our Online Booking system.  Do you love it?  Hate it?  Would rather be reading a book or gasping over your Chinese herbs?  Help us to improve, and it will help not only you but all our clients!
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