Resistance 1 Formula (ChinaMed) – 78 caps

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This is an empirical formula, based on Jade Screen Formula (yu ping feng san), which was first recorded in ‘Effective Prescriptions from Generations of Physicians’ (shi yi de xiao fang) by Wei Yi-lin, 1345. It’s actions have been enhanced with the addition of several tonifying herbs. It is specifically designed for those with deficiency of the Defence Qi (wei qi), characterized by fatigue, susceptibility to recurrent upper respiratory infections and spontaneous sweating.

The base formula is augmented with Ziziphus fruit (hong zao) and Zingiber (ginger) rhizome (sheng jiang), which together harmonize the Defence Qi and the Nutritive Qi (ying qi), tonifying both and preventing the loss of nutritive substances through excessive sweating. In addition, this pair of herbs enables the easy absorption and assimilation of the other tonifying herbs in the formula. The latter include Ganoderma mushroom (ling zhi), Cuscuta seed (tu si zi), Dioscorea root (huai shan yao) and Lycium fruit (gou qi zi). These herbs have a broad scope of action, tonifying all of the major organ-systems (i.e. Spleen, Lung, Heart, Liver and Kidney) to replenish the health Qi (zheng qi) and promote production of the Defence Qi.

According to modern biomedical research the herbs in this formula all exert an immune enhancing action. This formula is suitable for patients with poor specific immunity, characterized by recurrent respiratory infections. In addition, it is indicated for the remission stage of chronic bronchitis, asthma and allergic rhinitis. The course of treatment (as for tonification treatments in general) is for a minimum duration of three months.

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