Thank You for Choosing to Review Us!

Your review is important to us.  But before you start writing it, there’s a few things you need to know…

Guidelines for posting a review

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) does not allow any reviews on the quality of diagnosis or treatment of any member of a health profession it regulates.  At this point in time, Chinese Medicine Practitioners (which include Acupuncturists) ARE regulated by AHPRA but Naturopaths are not.  As you know, Scott is both a Naturopath and Chinese Medicine practitioner.

For this reason we suggest it will make life much easier simply to avoid using the words Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in your review and instead simply use words like ‘treatment’, ‘natural medicine’ and ‘consultation’.  Naturopath and naturopathy are of course okay to use.  If you do this you are free to write your review in any way you wish (a useful structure is to tell your story about your health issue, any steps you’ve previously taken to resolve it and how we were able to help).

If you specifically want to write about Acupuncture or Chinese Medicine you can do so, however please follow the below guidelines: 

  1. Explain the health problem that caused you to make an appointment at Natural Pain Solutions.  If you have tried other health modalities or professionals in the past, you are free to tell your story about this.
  2. Express your degree of satisfaction with our service in general terms or about your experience at the clinic (satisfied, dissatisfied, over the moon, absolutely fabulous, dreadful, brilliant… feel free to express yourself!)
  3. There are no restrictions on commenting on things like the friendliness and proficiency of staff, atmosphere at the clinic, administrative excellence, cleanliness etc.  You just can’t make any comments on Scott’s proficiency at diagnosis, treatment and your health outcomes.

These restrictions are naturally frustrating for everybody concerned, however we hope that by following the above suggestions you will still be able to convey the essence of your experience with us, enabling others to make an informed choice when seeking out an Acupuncture or Chinese Medicine clinic.

Thank you again for your efforts!

Best wishes,

The Natural Pain Solutions Team.