Health Conditions We Treat

We’ll treat your health condition … but more importantly, we’ll treat YOU.

Drawing on both Eastern and Western natural medicine means our practitioner can find the best solution for your particular condition.

We view the body as a whole, with its many organ systems, tissues, fluids and bones being fundamentally interdependent. In treating health problems we assess more than just the part that is causing you concern, instead giving you a broader (and therefore deeper) understanding of what’s actually occurring inside your body.

Using complementary and alternative medicine therapies and pain relief techniques such as Acupuncture and Biomesotherapy, we have helped clients find relief from a wide range of health problems, such as:

To find out if we can help your particular situation, please contact us.

Health Conditions We Treat

We Believe


(In no particular order...)

We believe in pain solutions, not pain suppression.

We believe in every single body's innate ability to heal.

We believe the best way to relieve pain is to actively create wellness.

We use only medicines and therapies that help your body to heal.