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Stage 4 Restrictions – YES, we’re still open, but under strict conditions.

Rest assured: if you really need to see our practitioner in person, we’re still here for you throughout Stage 4.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • We’re currently open two clinic days per week (Tuesday and Friday) to accommodate high-need clients. We also have admin staff at the clinic every day Mon-Fri to answer questions, take bookings and prepare medicines for post or pickup. Please note our normal hours do not apply during this time, so call first if you are planning to visit to collect medicines to ensure the clinic is attended when you arrive.
  • For non high-need clients, our practitioner, Scott Hankinson, is available via a Zoom or phone consultation. Medicines can be posted or collected.
  • All clients who want to see Scott in person must be screened first for NEED and second for COVID-19 SYMPTOMS/EXPOSURE. This will be done either via questions over the phone or via a standard SMS message with screening questions you will need to reply to. Once you are cleared, your clearance stays in place for 2 weeks, when we will check in with you again. Please note you that if you are cleared and subsequently your need is no longer high, or you experience potential COVID-19 symptoms or exposure, you must inform us.
  • A GP referral is NOT required
  • Scott is able to practice as a Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) practitioner, which is a registered profession under AHPRA, but not as a Naturopath. For this reason some of our usual appointment types are not available at this time, so please call the clinic if you normally book online but your preferred appointment type is not available, as we may still be able to accommodate you with a different in-person appointment type if appropriate, or a phone/Zoom consultation.
  • Please note, no visitors are allowed on-site unless for a pre-arranged appointment.  As mentioned, medicine pickup is still available, however we will run your order out to your car.

Do you have an existing booking?

All clients with existing bookings will be contacted a few days prior to their appointment to be screened for whether they are 1) a high-need client and need to see Scott in person, 2) their appointment can reasonably be changed to a phone/Zoom consult or 3) they would like to reschedule until after Stage 4. There is no need to call the clinic, unless you haven’t heard from us and your appointment is within the next 24 hours.

If you ARE a high-need client and will be coming to the clinic, you will also be screened for COVID-19 symptoms and/or close contact with anyone who has had COVID-19 in the last month.

What about Naturopathic consultations?

Naturopathic services can still be accessed via phone/Zoom consultations. A few things to note:

  • Since Scott may at times be conducting phone/Zoom consultations from home where we don’t have payment facilities, consultations must be paid for in advance by 3pm the day before, either by paying by credit card over the phone (9876 8786), online via a link in your Appointment Confirmation, or via bank transfer (please email us at if you do a bank transfer, so we can confirm receipt).
  • Medicines will generally be prepared the following day, and can be posted or collected in the car park.  A staff member will call you for payment once your invoice has been prepared.  Please note we are discounting our usual Metro postage rate from $12.95 down to just $7.95 (small) and $9.50 (medium) during Stage 4 to encourage the postal option (large packages or packages to non-Metro areas may be more).
  • If you don’t need to see Scott for a consultation but need a repeat of your current prescription, please email your order to us via the contact form.

Remedial Massage closed, Counselling open

For our clients who also see other practitioners at the clinic, sadly our massage therapists are unable to operate during this time.  However, our wonderful counsellor, Travers Holbrook, is still available for appointments and is offering a $50 discount to all our clients, past and presentContact details are here. Please don’t hesitate to call him if you’re struggling mentally or emotionally under lock down.

5km rule

Please note the 5km rule does not apply to medical/health appointments. This means you do not need to live within 5km of the clinic in order to come to your appointment. If you are stopped, please have your Appointment Confirmation handy, either on your phone or printed.

Medicine collection: the 5km rule does not apply to medicine pickups as per the following government advice: “For some people the nearest goods and services will be more than 5km away. In this situation you may travel beyond 5km to the nearest provider.”  Additionally, your medicines are an vital part of your health care, which is exempt from the 5km rule.  Nevertheless, we encourage you to have your medicines posted unless you have run out and they are urgently required.

8pm curfew

Should your appointment run late, resulting in you still being on the road after 8pm, we will provide you with a letter verifying that you have been at an allied health appointment.

We will do everything we can to make your experience as smooth and easy as possible!

If you have any questions, remember we are still here for you even if our response is a little delayed. Please call the clinic on 9876 8786 or use our contact form, and we will get back to you within 1 business day if we don’t answer immediately.

All the very best to you all, and look after yourselves!

Fiona Hankinson
Clinic Director

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