How to book your initial True Health appointments

Congratulations on joining the True Health program!

Over the coming weeks there are several tests and scans that need to be completed before you have your Report of Findings appointment (the Report of Findings is where Scott will explain your test results and create your treatment plan for the rest of the program).  Some of the tests and scans are done at test appointments and others are done via home test kits.  Along the way you will continue to have regular acupuncture treatments.

Test Appointments

Once you have paid (either upfront or your first instalment) you will be issued with your INITIAL Comprehensive Appointment Series package and receive an email with your certificate code and instructions.  This is the first of several appointment packages you’ll receive over the course of your program.  All the appointments that are part of your initial appointment series are listed on the right hand side of this page.  If you have not yet received this email you can still book all your appointments and we will apply the package once it is issued.

Booking online is easier with an account!  It means you won’t have to fill in your details each time you make an appointment, and your certificate code will be instantly available.  Instructions to make an account are in the appointment package email.

There are booking buttons on the right for the following testing appointments.

  1. Full Blood Tests:  this requires a 9 hour food fast (please do drink plenty of water but no other fluids) prior to your appointment, so it’s a good idea to book the earliest time you can so that you can do most of your fasting overnight.  Do not book any other test or scan appointment immediately after your Full Blood Tests appointment (acupuncture is okay, but don’t forget to bring a snack!)
  2. Microscopic Blood Evaluation:  this needs to be on a different day to the Full Blood Tests.  It is important for this test that you DON’T fast beforehand, as we want to see how your blood is reacting to food.
  3. MSAS Food Sensitivity & Biomeridian Scans:  if booking on the same day as the Microscopic Blood Evaluation (MBE), please book BEFORE the MBE.
  4. Scan BFIS Initial: this is done by our Clinical Assistant so will usually be on a separate day to  your other appointments.
  5. Report of Findings: Book this appointment to occur 3 weeks after you send back the Nutripath test kits.

Home Test Kits

You will receive ONE kit at the front desk at the clinic and ONE TO TWO kits in the mail from Nutripath (an external lab) as follows.  It is important that these are completed as soon as possible, as the Nutripath tests can take up to 3 weeks for results to be returned.

  1. Cortisol Awakening Response (via Nutripath)
  2. Vitamin D Blood Spot (Via Nutripath OR your doctor.  Please let us know if your GP is ordering it for you.)
  3. Full Urine & Saliva Tests  (processed at our in-house lab)

Important:  once you have mailed your samples back to Nutripath, please book your Report of Findings for 3 weeks away.

Nutripath process:  Nutripath is an external testing lab, and we will order the test kit(s) on your behalf.  The Nutripath test kit(s) will be mailed to you and will include an express post envelope in which to return your samples to Nutripath.  Payment is made by you directly to Nutripath (payment instructions will be enclosed).  The results are returned directly to the clinic, and you will receive a copy at your Report of Findings.  Please note:  if you are returning two kits to Nutripath, please return them at the same time as otherwise the $20 postage/processing fee will be charged twice.  (If you are having your Vitamin D test done via your doctor instead of Nutripath, you will only have the Cortisol test kit to return to Nutripath.)

Acupuncture Treatments

Your initial appointment package includes 8 acupuncture treatments.  These should ideally be booked twice per week over four 4 weeks.  If this is not possible then please come as often as you can.   A booking button for acupuncture can also be found to the right for your convenience.  This is also accessible from our public online booking page on our website.

You are welcome to book your acupuncture treatments so they follow on AFTER any of your testing appointments (not before).  In order to find space to book appointments side-by-side you will often need to book well in advance. If you are having difficulty, please call the clinic on 9876 8786 so we can assist you.


We know there’s a lot to keep track of!  We’ve created a handy checklist for your fridge, to keep track of your tests and appointments – just click on the icon below to download.   (And don’t worry, the program is very straightforward once you’ve completed your testing and had your Report of Findings!)

Appointment Cancellation Policy for Program Clients

Please note our full fee 24 hour Cancellation Policy still applies to our program clients, as cancellations at short notice or no-shows disadvantage other clients – who are often in pain – who are on a waiting list to see Scott.  We ask therefore that you respect Scott’s time, as well as your fellow clients, by making a personal commitment to attend all the appointments that you make. Additionally, as a program client, you have made a deep commitment to improving your health – to your ongoing wellbeing.  We believe it’s vitally important that you do your very best to honour this commitment.

For all these reasons, if you need to change or cancel an appointment, we request that you give at least 24 hours’ notice.   If less than 24 hours’ notice is given, the full value of the time slot will be charged.  Exceptions are of course made in the case of genuine emergencies.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please call us on 9876 8786 if you need assistance with booking.

Once again, congratulations on joining the True Health program.  We look forward to serving you and helping you to reach your health goals.


Please refer to the ‘Test Appointments’ section on the left for instructions on how to book.

Please refer to the ‘Acupuncture Treatments’ section on the left for instructions on how to book.