We’re glad to hear you’re feeling a little better … but we’re sorry it’s not better enough!

We totally respect your choice to choose a different path for getting your health back, if that’s what you feel is the best thing for you.

However, if you’re feeling stuck and as though you’re not making any progress right now, please let us know.  Scott may feel that a complimentary consultation would be helpful, so he can reassess his treatment direction with you.  He will do everything in his power to get you better!

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Please remember that sometimes regaining lost health can take considerable time, especially if you’ve been unwell for a long time or have a chronic injury.

Keep in mind that our aim is to help your body actually heal from the inside out.  Like cultivating a healthy garden, this needs ongoing perseverance … but the benefits are so worth it!

We have also found that sometimes people cancel because they can’t stand the taste of their herbs!  If this is you, don’t despair – we do have an encapsulation service available if you’ve been screwing up your face in disgust!! (Some lucky people have nice tasting herbs… it’s just the luck of the draw!)

If none of the above gels for you, would you mind helping us out by filling out a Feedback Survey?  It only takes a few minutes and it will help improve other clients’ experience at our clinic.  There’s a button below. Thank you in advance!

Warm regards,

Fiona Hankinson
Practice Manager

Health is not just the absence of disease or symptoms … it’s the presence of health and vitality, just like a healthy garden is much, much more than just the absence of weeds. 

Cultivating a healthy, bountiful garden takes time … and so does cultivating our own internal garden!  Feeding our body with the right nutrients, weeding out unhealthy toxins and parasites, seeding and looking after healthy bacteria in our gut, cleaning and alkalising our blood, and so much more.  True healing is a journey, and sometimes there’s ups and downs.  Whether it’s easy or a struggle, we’re here to help.