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  Hi Everyone! OMG! (Am I allowed to say that or is it completely uncool nowadays?)  Check out this clip of Therese Kerr on the Morning Show, talking about our healthy shopping platform!  I saw Therese speak at a conference last year and she is an absolute ingredient geek – SO knowledgeable about the cosmetics industry and the ingredients they put into their products.  She’s considered one of Australia’s most influential women and has a skincare range that is so pure it’s essentially edible (she’s also supermodel Miranda Kerr’s mum, as an aside). I’ve tried some of her products and they really are gorgeous to use. Since you’re one of our clients, you are probably already aware of the devastating effect that toxins can have on our health, and particularly on conditions of chronic pain.   Possibly you’ve become (or already were) an avid label reader like us!  We added InnerOrigin to our clinic offerings last year because it does all the hard work for us.  All products are pre-screened for nasties by a Product Advisory Board that includes cardiologist Dr Ross Walker (he’s one of the good ones by the way, who recommends natural products).  In the spirit of complete transparency, they also use a concept called ‘Truth-on-Label’ which basically means that every product must list every ingredient, and every single ingredient must have its country of origin listed too. Truth On Label To be perfectly honest, when we started using InnerOrigin last year we didn’t promote it a whole lot, because as that time it was brand new and the pickings were a bit thin.  Now, though, there are over 1500 products to choose from, and it’s a whole different story. InnerOrigin has a sterling line up of Ambassadors, including Chef Pete Evans, Kirk Pengilly (INXS), Layne Beachley (7 x World Surfing Champion), Stephanie Rice (3 x Olympic Medalist), Robbie Madison (Australian Stunt Bike Rider) and of course Dr Ross Walker.  As you can see from this who’s who line-up, InnerOrigin is also a home-grown Aussie company. Go here if you’d like read more about InnerOrigin and check out our shop.   IMPORTANT:  before you add any products to your cart, make sure you create an account and are logged in.  (This is because you need to be registered as our client before your products can be added – otherwise you will have to add them again after you create your account). Best wishes, Fiona Hankinson Practice Manager Click to Shop      
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