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Update: Natural Pain Solutions to remain OPEN under the new government lockdown measures announced Sunday 22nd March 2020

As an allied health service, Natural Pain Solutions will remain open during the newly-announced closure of non-essential services across Victoria and NSW.  

While the full scope of the definition of essential and non-essential services will be determined over the next 48 hours, at time of writing, essential activities includes healthcare appointments (this has not been limited to medical appointments) and pharmacy visits.

The pain relief and the nutritional and herbal intervention we provide on a daily basis is considered essential by many of our clients.  Additionally, we consider helping our clients to be as healthy as possible during the current crisis to be absolutely crucial to creating positive outcomes in facing COVID-19.  

The role of allied health professionals in sharing the healthcare burden also needs to be considered: by continuing to stay open, clinics like Natural Pain Solutions will help reduce the pressure on Victoria’s already over-stretched medical services.  This needs to be encouraged during these unprecedented times.

We will notify clients as soon as we hear if we are asked to close.  Until then, please assume ‘business as usual’.

Hospital Grade True HEPA filters with virus-zapping technologies arriving today.

We’ve just stepped up to the next level in air quality at the clinic, with 24/7 air purification using hospital grade True HEPA filters and virus-zapping ‘plasmawave’ and U.V. light technologies.  True HEPA filters remove 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and above (in fact they remove particles much smaller than this, but 0.3 is the official line).

Although the virus has been classified as non-airborne, there are nuances to this which make us feel it’s better to err on the side of caution when considering the health of our clients and staff.  There’s an interesting article here discussing what  ‘airborne’ means and does not mean in terms of virus transmission.

Our new air purifiers are also an excellent investment in view of the well-being of the many clients we see who suffer from hayfever and other allergies triggered by particulates in the air.

We’ll also be continuing to wipe all touchable surfaces – door handles, water filter and urn taps, hand-held testing probes, countertops and the EFTPOS machine – on a regular basis.  In particular, the EFTPOS machine, countertop and acupuncture tables are cleaned with antiviral/antibacterial wipes between each client.  Our goal is to ensure a closed, clean loop for people travelling from home to the clinic and back home again.

New measures in Acupuncture Centre:  Acupuncture treatments will now take place with one spare alcove between each client.

​​​This means there will be AT LEAST 2 metres (closer to 2.5m) between each client.  Combined with our strict antiviral/antibacterial cleaning regime and a dedicated True HEPA air purifier for the acupuncture space, you can completely relax!
(Please note: some clients may be asked to reschedule to a nearby time this week in order to accommodate these stipulations).​  Please remember, if you are unwell you must stay home.  If you have a cough or mucus congestion but are not infectious (eg, hayfever or a respiratory condition) please come – you will be asked to wear a mask and put into our private room for the peace of mind of others who don’t know the origin of your cough/congestion.

If You’re Unwell:

​Remember, if you’re unwell and can’t come to the clinic, we can still help:  book for a phone consult with Scott, and we can post medicines to you (including repeats) for a small postage fee.

Make Your Health Your Top Priority

​For everyone else, please continue to look after yourself by booking and attending your appointments as usual in our clean, pristine clinic.  Please make your health your top priority so your immune system can be as strong as possible during this critical time!

All the best,

Fiona Hankinson
Practice Manager

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