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Update: rest assured that Natural Pain Solutions will always be open unless required to close!

(If that happens, we’ll contact all clients with existing appointments individually, and we’ll also send a group email to our database).

Important to know!

Our lockdown cleaning regime is still in full gear, and includes anti-viral essential oils, hospital-grade, virus-zapping air purifiers and regular cleaning of all surfaces, particularly the counter, door handles and EFTPOS machine.

Face Masks:
Indications are that long-term face mask use may be detrimental to health. As a clinic promoting health and wellness, we will not ask our staff to continuously wear face masks all day unless required by government mandate. At the same time, we are more than happy to accommodate clients who are concerned they are at risk. Therefore, if you are visiting the clinic and would like Scott to wear a mask during your consultation or treatment, please let us know, either by email/phone in advance or simply ask in person. Your comfort and sense of safety are very important to us, so please speak up. (Please note, Clinical Assistants will wear face masks when removing acupuncture needles due to the closer proximity.)

If You’re Unwell:
Remember, if you’re unwell and can’t come to the clinic, we can still help: book for a phone consult with Scott, and we can post
medicines to you for a small postage fee. You are also welcome to call and order repeat medicines over the phone on 9876 8786.

We are here to help you be as healthy as possibly throughout this challenging time.

It’s a confusing time right now, isn’t it?

There is so much conflicting information, so many theories and confusion (even among top scientists and doctors), misinformation on all sides, ‘fact-checkers’ with vested interests, and a media that runs on fear to sell advertising. Journalists, in general, are certainly not the critical watchdogs they once were. The mass changes taking place both locally and globally can feel overwhelming, and sometimes I even find myself grateful for the slow-mo pace of lockdown life, simply because there is a bit more space to integrate and think (at the same time, the economic and social cost of lockdown is very apparent, so there is a bittersweet element). There has been a need to be quiet and keep to myself while I integrate what’s been happening and the potential implications not just for our health, but for our future.

And health? Our premier has stated: “Unless and until that vaccine is developed and then administered to every single Victorian, we will have to live with and embrace a ‘COVID-normal’.” This is despite the fact that the immune systems of over 99% of the population are dealing with this virus perfectly well. It seems pretty clear that the COVID-19 situation is being defined by our government in terms of a ‘disease-management’ world-view, where the virus is demonised and feared, almost as something with malicious intent.

Sadly, the ‘disease-management’ way of looking at health tends to keep us in a state of fear and stress. It reduces our faith in our own resilience and immunity and shifts the focus to relying on the pharmaceutical companies and our government for a ‘cure’ via vaccination. We spend our time focused on fearing and the fighting the disease – in this case, a virus – instead of focusing on creating excellent health and a robust immune system. That is, instead of adopting a ‘wellness’ way of looking at health.

From our perspective at atural Pain Solutions, the fact that the people vulnerable to this virus nearly always have underlying conditions, or else are aged and weakened, points to a logical solution: education about how to be healthy and how to give our immune systems the very best chance of responding quickly and effectively. If people with weakened immunity are the ones who are vulnerable (whether due to an underlying condition or age) let’s do everything possible to support immune system functionality and the ability to heal.

Unfortunately (and ironically), the doctors running this circus are woefully uneducated in how to create a healthy body. This UK study said that more than 70% of doctors surveyed said they had less than 2 hours of nutrition study in the entirety of their medical degree! This state of affairs is mirrored around the globe. And yet, creating health in an ill person is simply not possible without a good understanding of food, nutrition and how to safely expel toxins (among other things). Without this knowledge, the only power you have is to play ‘whack-a-mole’ with symptoms and diseases.

This is not to criticise doctors themselves – they are well-intentioned and doing their very best with the tools given to them. Instead, I’m calling into question a medical system that sees health only as the absence of disease. If the big-wigs in the medical industry instead directed brilliant scientific minds and a good whack of research dollars into really figuring out the science of how the body heals, rather than the science of managing symptoms by bossing the biology of the body into submission through chemical substances – and if our government prioritised a public health education campaign around diet, immunity, nutrition and avoiding toxins – then none of us would be running about like headless chickens in the face of COVID-19.

Instead, we would all be buckling down, eating fresh, preferably organic food, getting lots of rest and exercise, and taking the extra nutrients and immune-regulating herbal extracts our immune system needs to function optimally. We’d also be feeding the microbiome of our body with a diverse community of bacteria and microbes, so we have an army of resilience within, constantly helping us.

Additionally, we would all be aware that viruses have an important biological function, are not actually alive and so have no desire to hurt us, and that applying germ theory to viruses is a fallacy (more on this in the next email!)

These measures wouldn’t necessarily mean that COVID-19 would have no impact, but simple logic says that having a healthier population would reduce the need for hospitilisations, reduce deaths and importantly, reduce fear.

Luckily, we don’t need to be doctors to prescribe healthy practices for ourselves … but we do need a cultural paradigm shift for it to be more widely adopted. We need to see our health not as a fearful sprint away from disease and viruses, but an inspired journey towards wellbeing and a state of excellent health. If we change our focus from running AWAY from disease to TOWARDS a healthy body and life, we’ll keep ourselves in a place of appreciation, gratitude and calm, where our immune system can respond quickly and thoroughly.

All the best to you and your loved ones!

Fiona Hankinson
Clinic Director

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