Urine & Saliva Testing

Urine and saliva tests enable us to see what your body is excreting, which helps us to understand the health and functioning of your internal environment.

Biochemical Analysis

Biochemical Analysis looks at the extracellular fluid (the fluid between the cells in your tissues).  We look at six main parameters:

  • pH (the acid and alkaline balance of the fluid): indicates how well your cells are taking in nutrients and excreting waste.
  • RH2 reading: tells us the energy potential of the cells and also gives us an indication of any oxidative stress on the cellular walls (oxidative stress is cellular degradation)
  • Resistance:  tells us the mineral content of the extracellular fluid
  • Glucose level:  tells us how well your body is metabolising sugar
  • Protein In:  how well the body is absorbing protein
  • Protein Out: how well the body is eliminating protein

Biochemical Analysis is one of our primary monitoring tests

Heavy Metal Urine & Saliva

Shows the heavy metals the body is dealing with right now.  Excess heavy metals can cause a variety of symptoms and inhibit many physiological processes.

pH Urine & Saliva

Shows your acid and alkaline balance, which is the key to most enzymatic reactions working efficiently.

Urine Sediment

Shows how well your body is processing proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Urine Adrenal Stress

Shows adrenal stress levels in the body.

‘Comprehensive’ Urine Test

Shows inflammation and infections in the urinary system.

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