General Clinical Tests

Environmental Sensitivity Scan

Sneezing, vomiting, skin rashes, itchiness and red eyes are some of the more well-known symptoms of food and environmental sensitivities, but did you know that anxiety and depression can also be a result of sensitivities?  We use electrodermal testing to identify what your body is reacting to right now, and use personalised frequency-based remedies to help desensitise you to your sensitivities, while at the same time supporting your immune system to a higher level of health, so it can begin to respond more appropriately to food and environmental stimuli.

Comprehensive Physical Examination

An examination where we check blood pressure, heart rate, eyes, ears nose and throat, pupil reflex, lung strength, lymph glands, oxygen levels in the blood and abdominal palpation.

Bioimpedence Analysis

Measures fluid percentage (has implications for hydration levels in the tissues), fat percentage, muscle weight, bone mass (not density) and metabolic age. 

Bowel Transit Test

Tests how quickly food moves through your digestive system.  If it moves too quickly, you may not be absorbing enough nutrients; if it moves too slowly you may not be eliminating waste correctly and you may experience reabsorption of waste.

HCL (Hydrochloric Acid) Test

Tests the levels of Hydrochloric Acid in your stomach and possible inflammation.  

Iodine Patch Test

Checks your iodine levels, which is very important for thyroid function and enabling your endocrine system to communicate effectively. Your body uses iodine to kill infections and bacteria.

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