Congratulations on taking the first step to better health!

To help us guide you, please choose the main reason you are seeking help:

Do you want to find out what’s occurring inside your body and how to correct it?

If this applies to you we recommend coming for a either a Comprehensive or Standard Initial Consultation.

Both consultations have in-depth time with our naturopath, where he assesses your health history and discusses your situation with you.

However, we always recommend the Comprehensive consultation (1 hour) as this also includes non-invasive clinical testing, giving our practitioner a much deeper insight into your particular health situation.

This longer appointment can assist our practitioner with identifying the body systems that are dysfunctional and are a priority for treatment, and assesses whether factors such as bacteria, chemical disturbances, heavy metals, fungi, hormonal imbalances and parasites may be impacting your health.  To book an Initial COMPREHENSIVE Consultation, click here.

Our Standard Consultation is 40 minutes and does not include the testing.  To book an Initial Standard Consultation, click here.

Do you want ongoing support to achieve your health goals?

We offer a 6 month health program which is very comprehensive and excellent value. The program has two stages.

In the first stage, we conduct extensive testing to get an extremely detailed and complete understanding of your health status.

In the second stage, you see our practitioner for weekly treatments and monthly consultations, supported by ongoing testing to ensure we stay on track with your body as it changes.

Our programs are all inclusive – consultations, treatments and natural medicines, there is nothing more to pay.

Our practitioner will discuss health programs with you during your second or third consultation if he feels long term support would be helpful for you.  Or, if you think this is something that you would like to do, please let us know and we can fast track the discussion.


Health Fund Claiming

Our services are not claimable on private health funds at this point in time.


3 hour parking is available directly outside the centre.  There are usually plenty of parking spots available.

Payment Methods:

We accept Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS and cash. Please note we do not accept cheques.

Natural Medicines:

Please note that natural medicines are an additional cost to your consultation or treatment.  They are prescribed on an individual basis so we cannot advise of the cost prior to your appointment.  If you are on a budget please inform the practitioner, as he will then make sure he prescribes only what he considers to be the core products necessary to improve your health.

Access for People With a Disability

Our centre is on the ground floor with parking directly outside.  While there is no specific disabled parking, there are normally plenty of spots available.

The entry door and the door to our centre are quite heavy.  Please advise us beforehand if you think you may need assistance.  Upon arrival, please use the outside buzzer (press 8 and then the bell icon) and a staff member will come and open the doors for you.

Toilets for people with a disability are available for use in the foyer/passageway.

Consulting rooms are accessible with wheelchairs and we have a private treatment room available for people with a disability.

When You Arrive:

Relax and enjoy our peaceful centre! You’ll get more from your appointment if you’re feeling relaxed, so if you’ve been rushing around take some deep breaths and use any waiting time to rest. Feel free to help yourself to some clean, filtered water, a cup of tea or a magnesium drink.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you to find excellent health!

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