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Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!


Final Postal Orders: must be placed by this coming Friday 11th December
Final Pick-up Orders: must be placed by Wednesday 16th December
Final Clinic Day 2020: Monday December 21st (please note we will also be open on Tues 22nd for order pickups only)
CLOSED: Dec 23rd – Jan 3rd
OPEN: Monday Jan 4th – 13th (normal appointment hours)
LIMITED HOURS: Jan 14th – 27th (no appointments, only product purchases/future bookings). For exact open times, please check our Google listing or go to this page.
FULL 2021 REOPENING: Thursday, January 28th

PLEASE NOTE: The above dates are for Scott Hankinson’s clients only. If you see another practitioner at the clinic, please check with them as to their individual open/close times.


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support during this challenging year. As a health clinic our primary purpose is to help and support our clients, and to that end we made a solid commitment to staying open whenever possible, to be there for those who needed us. However, in turn we have felt equally (or even more so) supported and appreciated by our clients, many of whom continued treatment throughout lockdowns either online or in person, if they were high-need. The rest of our clients returned in droves once restrictions eased and we were able to fully reopen our doors to all.

So, a big ‘thank you’ from the bottom of our well-warmed hearts!

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner! What a year it’s been. I think we’ll all be glad to shake off 2020, sweep it into the dustbin and start again with a clean slate in 2021.

It’s certainly going to be an interesting Christmas this year – no doubt many of us have a sense of foreboding about seeing relatives we haven’t seen for a while and wondering how we might navigate some of the conversations. 2020 has given us a raft of hot topics to either get our teeth into for a raging debate, or alternatively lower the shades, make a quick u-turn and head for the door whenever they appear on the far horizon of chit-chat. Whether it’s masks, lockdowns or vaccines, we’re sure to encounter someone in our families with a polar opposite view to our own, who will likely bring up a controversial topic at the most inopportune time…

This Christmas, let’s remember that we are all trying our best to make sense of this crazy world we now find ourselves in. Let’s try to keep the barbeque utensils strictly for cooking (not a family civil war). Whether you think Cousin Jeff has lost the plot because he’s transformed into a ‘crazy conspiracy theorist’, or whether you think Aunt May’s side of the family are paranoid sheep who swallow mainstream narrative hook, line and sinker, let’s all take a deep breath and step back. Maybe instead of rolling our eyes or getting our hackles up, or hot-tailing it to the other side of the room, we can try to understand why they see things as they do. Maybe we can try to listen… really listen!

We wish you the very best of luck, laughter and listening skills in navigating Christmas this year! Enjoy this precious time with your loved ones.

Christmas and January – when are we open?

We’ll be completely closed between Christmas and New Years, however we are operating at normal hours during the first ten days of January (between Jan 4th and 13th) .

Scott is then away for two weeks, however we will still be open on limited hours for product purchases and forward bookings. Urgent questions can also be relayed to Scott for response. Please check our website or our Google listing for open hours during this time.

We’ll be reopening in full for 2021 on Thursday, January 28th.

Our massage therapists and counsellor are available throughout the holiday period (they will be keeping their own hours so please check with them individually). All practitioner details can be found here.

“Covidsafe” matters

With the new changes announced on December 6th, as we understand it masks are no longer mandatory within healthcare settings. However, if you prefer to wear a mask, please continue to do so. Staff are not required to wear masks, except when removing acupuncture needles due to the close proximity.

Additionally, there is no longer a limit to patrons, however there is a 1 person every 2 square metres rule. This equates to about 14 patrons in reception at any one time, which we are extremely unlikely to exceed.

Client screening prior to appointments is no longer necessary given that all retail and eating establishments are open, however please be aware that you must inform us prior to your appointment if you have had any COVID-19 symptoms or exposure in the previous 3 weeks, so that alternative arrangements can be made.

Signing in at the front desk is not necessary if you have an appointment, since we have your details on file. However, if anybody accompanies you, they will need to sign in at the front desk.

Have a wonderful, restful Christmas and New Year, full of blessings!

Scott and Fiona Hankinson
and the Team at Natural Pain Solutions:
Anneliese, Tanya, Sarah, Katie, Aileen and Emily

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